Presenting at the MySQL UG NL Meetup Q2

Next Friday (31st of May) the second MySQL Meetup User Group NL of this year will be hosted by Snow IT in Geldermalsen. It is great to see that various companies are hosting the meetup and that the diversity and number of people attending is increasing. In total three presentations will be given:

  • Choosing the Best Sharding Policy – Doran Levari (ScaleBase, using a video link)
  • Performance Monitoring with Statsd and Graphite – Art van Scheppingen (Spil Games)
  • Basic MySQL performance tuning for sysadmins – Daniël van Eeden (Snow)

Our presentation will be a condensed version of the MySQL Performance Monitoring using Graphite and Statsd presentation that I gave at the Percona Live MySQL Conference in Santa Clara. The main difference is that I’m not getting into the details why we decided to use Graphite but it will only focus on the implementation itself.

Hope to see you next Friday!


  1. Wendel says:

    I’ve gone through your slides a few times, as I’ve seen them in a few places. I’ve also looked through your github account’s projects. Can you point me to where you’re pulling metrics from MySQL and publishing to Statsd? Is that a public github project?

    1. It may not be that clear as it is only one bullet point in the presentation, but I mentioned in the slides that the MySQL-Statsd collector is in need of a major rewrite.

      Basically we are running an alpha app in our environment that needs a couple of improvements. One of them is, for instance, that it needs to take the transaction isolation into account or otherwise you may end up with an history list that skyrockets. Once we have rewitten the daemon we’ll certainly open source it on our github repo and announce it here. No ETA on that though…