OpenStack Operator tool: Novacek


As an OpenStack operator we missed some tooling for troubleshooting and status checking.
To fill this gap we created a python tool to give us this info:
The tool is written in python and uses the OpenStack libraries to get the necessary information.


Typical things we use this tool for:

  • Get the status of all instances when you login to a hypervisor
  • Mail all people who have an instances on a hypervisor (very basic currently and needs the email in the tenant description field)
  • Check if the hypervisor setup (VLANs) is correct (this also requires the easyovs library)


Although the tool is fully functional we still have some things we would like to add.
To make sure people are not replicating this functionality we chose to publish the tool in the early stages.
Feel free to extend and improve the functionality by doing a merge request.