MySQL StatsD release 0.1.3

About one and a half years ago we created MySQL StatsD to keep get insights of any MySQL server using a local daemon that frequently queries the MySQL server and pushes its data to StatsD locally. In the past year we have seen the usage of the MySQL StatsD project increase and more and more people use it happily.

Of course there is always something lacking with projects like this, so in our latest release (0.1.3) we included/fixed the following:

  • Multiple bufferpool support (get your stats on the individual bufferpools)
  • New stats type called Delta (this time documented and included in the example config)
  • Fixed issue 30: MySQL StatsD crashed when replication broke
  • Added documentation on configuration and its directives

If you feel the urge to fix something or contribute to the project, you are more than welcome to help us out!

You can find the project here: MySQL StatsD @ Github