Below are the core values of Spil Games. These values are used in the recruitment process as well as in day to day life. They are used to make decisions and to serve as guidance on how to behave.

Dare to Stand Out

Come as you are and be true to yourself! Embrace your individuality and respect others’ right to explore who they are too. Dare to stand out in the crowd, challenge preconceptions of what’s possible, and have the courage to explore uncharted territory.  Share your unique perspective and inspire others to do the same. Take calculated risks to improve both the quality of our collective working environment and the products we create together.

Be Passionate

Share your excitement for Spil Games—be positive, energized, and committed! Express your interest in the business, industry, and your colleagues by asking thought-provoking questions. Strive for creativity, work smarter, and demonstrate your passion by anticipating and serving the needs of our customers.

Continuously Innovate

Find new ways to make your everyday life at Spil easier. Search for inventive ways to improve processes, products, internal collaboration with your colleagues, and of course—yourself! New ways of thinking, different perspectives, and creative approaches are always encouraged.

Be a Leader

Take the initiative to be proactive and influence how we accomplish our common goals! Challenge others to grow, reflect upon your own behavior, and strive for continuous personal development. Look for opportunities to build meaningful relationships with your colleagues. Engage energetically with your work—and our players—to create a sense of excitement around Spil’s past and future accomplishments!

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