About us

IT Infrastructure & Engineering is a multi-disciplinary department within Spilgames consisting of the following teams: Databases, Performance, Infrastructure, Software and Operations. At the core of our technology stack you’ll find the Spil Hosting Platform which we as department jointly develop and operate. It is a geographically distributed, Linux based, highly available and highly scalable system which consists of a large fleet of MySQL servers, private cloud, map/reduce and memcache clusters, lots of webservers and more.

The department is based on values and principles rather than rules, policies and procedures which means you’ll have lots of freedom in terms of doing what you think is right but it also comes with great individual responsibility. We really like people who dare to be and think for themselves, innovation, making mistakes and learning from them, technical challenges and their elegant solutions, openness and transparency, open source, lifelong learning, Python and playing Magic the Gathering. We strongly dislike, and actively remove and oppose, bureaucracy, making the same mistake twice, slowness, corporate politics, repetitive tasks, hierarchy, Internet Explorer, Java and talking about soccer.

You can read more about our company values here.

And about our department principles here.

The department’s organogram.





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